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Best Selling Album, Diamond Record, Golden Album, Platinum Songs, I mean, what do these even mean? How do we define the best? Is it when it’s new and trendy? Or when most of the people you see like it. However, the reality is all of our thoughts are intricately connected with our environment whether we like it or not. But there is one thing for sure, we are crazy for music!

Here’s my list of the BEST UK Albums of 2017:

  1. 1.The Killers – Wonderful Wonderful Album

Talking about a come back! Wonderful Wonderful is the highest rated studio album for the band, The Killers. After its release on September 22nd this year, the album instantly topped the US Billboard 200 and Australia Album Charts. The group gained recognition to be the first band to have all of their five consecutive studio albums top the UK Music Charts. This makes a pronounced come back after their album in 2012 (Battle Born). The album instantly sold 40 000 copies in the UK in just three days after its debut. Now lets talk about the lyrics, the album generally talks about what it takes to be a man. They say that it takes a lot more than just being brave and capable. It’s seems like hyper masculinity will not take you all the way, so it has something to do with lots of feelings and emotions. There are just no meaningless words in the lyrics unlike their previous records which are amusing and silly. Although some critics would say that it is not as enjoyable like before. It’s seems that they want to be taken more seriously, therefore giving a vibe that is rock-ish and sentimental.

ed shera2. Ed Sheeran – ÷ Divide Album

Finally, the guy who can make you feel all kinds of emotions with his lyrics.. Seriously? Do we even need to explain why it’s one of the best albums? What does it have to do to appeal to the majority? Well, after it’s released on March 3rd this year, it instantaneously became the fastest-selling album by a male artist. It topped the charts in 14 countries and had sold 232,000 copies in its first day of release in the UK. There’s just something in the way this artist composes his songs and creates his beats that makes everyone stir. Although some critics would blatantly say how cheesy and trite his lyrics are.  But hey, you can’t please everybody anyway.




charlatans3. The Charlatans – Different Days Album

This is their 13th studio album, they have collaborated with many different artists to make it the best album that they could, as they say. All of the bands twelve studio albums ended up the UK Albums Chart Top 40. One thing about this band is they never stop at doing things they like, despite of the fact that they’ve lost two of their brothers in band. This makes them think about give up at some point, however they didn’t and kept pushing forward albeit in a slow and excruciating process. It seems that their determination makes them one of the most hardworking band in the United Kingdom.



4. Richard Dawson – Peasant Album

Dawson’s new album has a twist of brutality and hopelessness. According to him, this album he would like to develop his voice as a storyteller. It takes us back in the year 500 to 700, and makes us imagine all the vivid details he includes in his lyrics.





6. Drake – More Life Album

After it’s released on March 2017, this album dominated the online streaming in both Spotify and Apple Music. It topped the Billboard 200 and had 61.3 Million streams in just one day. There is just more to Drake!








7. Jlin – Black Origami Album

Jlin’s type of genres has always been difficult to fathom. The core of the album is a mix collaboration with many Indian movements. It was hailed as Best New Music with a rating of 8.8. The artist’s sense of doing something differently creative influenced this album in a lot more.




8. Pixx – Age of Anxiety Album

The album was released on May 2017, with a duration of 44:28 by Hannah Rodgers a.k.a Pixx. Many critics showed their appreciation to the clear ideas and thoughtfulness expressed in the lyrics.  This album has a low, clear tone in it that makes it refreshing to hear and enjoy. The Age of Anxiety was inspired by the singer’s perception about the social media age and how the internet can influence our daily lives and particularly our thoughts.



sheer mag9. Sheer Mag – Need to Feel You Love Album

This hard-rock inclined group has always been doing things in their own particular way and showing it off through their music. This new album explored new lines and widens the horizon where they are operating, without losing what they are made of in the first place. They’ve always succeeded in showing their sincerity.



10. Thundercat – Drunk Album

This is Thundercat’s third studio album that was released on February 2017 that gained many positive and favourable reviews. The album presents many talented guest artists. Many critics applauded the singer for his effortless transition from one song to another, doing adlibs and changes without affecting the overall impact of the songs.





11. Wiley – Godfather Album

After Wiley’s announcement that the album Snake & Ladder in 2004 was going to be his last and final album, here would come his latest hit, Godfather. This album features different artists in collaboration with the singer, making the album his highest-charting album so far. The singer stated that this is the end of his career, in terms of proving anything. However, there is no guarantee that he would not be able to be inspired for the rest of his life. So maybe, this “final album” would just be his many final albums and more. Just like the previous album. We are just hoping for the best!

That list sums up the best of UK, however, people would always have different standards. Even so, it would be difficult to define the bests. Still, music is just like life, it keeps moving forward and changes. We just go with the flow.


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